About connecting to a Ubuntu subsystem in Windows

Hello all,

I have set up Grafana on my local windows machine, and I have a Ubuntu subsystem in that windows machine that has the database that I would like to connect to using Grafana. localhost doenst seem to work, does anyone have any ideas regarding connecting to a subsystem?


Tell us what “subsystem” means.

Is this a virtual server? Is it docker? Is it something else?

I guess the most important question is “what IP address does this ‘subsystem’
machine have?”

That will almost certainly turn out to be the address you need to tell Grafana
in order to communicate with it.


It is a docker container

Still having an issue regarding connecting to Ubuntu. got my ip address in the shell and used it for Grafana, and yet still no results

I’m far from being a docker expert, but:

a) is the container exposing that IP address to the outside so that you should
be able to connect to it?

b) … on that port number?

c) can you connect manually using, for example, telnet, to the IP address and
port, to prove that Grafana should be able to as well?


Telnet does not seem to be able to connect to the process. Any other way that u would recommend making the linux system connectable? Thanks!

I have to defer to anyone who knows about Docker at this point.

I can diagnose problems, but I can only solve them when they’re based on stuff
I’m familiar with :slight_smile: