Add graphic to the dashboard

I would like to add a graphic (jpg) to the dashboard. How do i do this?

You could use the Text panel in html mode and link to an image.


What about a picture on a local PC? are there any limits on picture type?

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Grafana has no function for uploading images from your computer to the server. The image has to be located somewhere which is available to all users of your dashboard so that an HTML link/image would work.

There are no limits on image type. If it can be shown on a webpage then it will work.

There is a way to upload an image from a raspberrypi?

Thank you.

Additionally you can use tags such as and width and height to format your image, for example:


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You can include an image that will occupy one panel fully but will adjust to the size of the panel, by using the FlowCharting visualization type, then the “” (edit draw), then paste your image inside the the “” editor.