Alarming question (SMTP and thresholds)

Hi all,

Couple of questions I can clarify for myself:

  1. We have OpenNMS as a source for the counter values. I need to send e-mail if certain threshold is reached. It gives me an error if to configure alarm, but I dont understand why shall we depend on the source type while I need basic thing - to send email or a webhook if I reached threshold. I dont see logical dependecy on the source type. Can I set this up?

  2. Second option: red border, background or any attention if threshold is reached (Display tab) will do also, but it does not seem to implemented. Right?

I cant get any of the options and I hope someone will help me to clarify.

Apreciate any information! workarounds are welcomed too!

Grafana alerting is a backend feature. The backend will evaluate and execute the alert rules, which include query the data source and handling the response. The OpenNMS plugin you use right now is a frontend javascript plugin that the backend code cannot use.

At some point we want to add backend plugins so external data sources can also add support for alerting: