Alert message enrichment

Hello Community,
I have Grafana 4.4 with configured multiple DS(but mainly two graphite clusters) on top of Centos 7.1, with configured integration with Slack and freshly build webdav on a private server( in the same network as Grafana and DS). So i have couple of questions.

  1. From the logs both webdav and Grafana can see there is “snapshot” of the alerting graph. The snapshot is in webdav, but is not visible in Slack. I suspect that the webdav needs to be visible from Slack point of perspective in order upload the image in my channel?

  2. Is there a way or documentation how to enrich the body of a message. To put additional information from a graph?

Many thanks!
Asen Z.

The webdav url must be publicly accessible by slack.

No nothing beyond the message you can specify in the alert rule.

Hi Torkel,

Many thanks for your reply.
Can you share with me what are the current options which I can put into the message body?
Asen Z.