Alerting grafana with webdav

Hi, i am trying to use webdav to upload images without success.

I successfully configure slack/grafana but i have a problem with attach images because slack can’t reach to the image back, slack is traying to access to a image from internet but this does not exist, normally the shared cloud services are from a different resource (url) than the direct link they give you access.

I try to use the shared service, the image gets upload fine, but in slack the image is not being showed, slack is not able to access to the image, in box you can’t make a public folder, so i change to 4shared cloud service, make a public folder and shared the folder where the images are being stored, so the images are now being stored fine in 4shared but the external links are different from the link that is created when the image is uploaded.

t=2017-03-16T20:16:01-0600 lvl=info msg=“Alert Rule returned no data” logger=alerting.resultHandler ruleId=1 name=“HISTOGRAM: ALERTS alert” changing state to=no_data
t=2017-03-16T20:16:01-0600 lvl=info msg=“New state change” logger=alerting.resultHandler alertId=1 newState=no_data prev state=ok
t=2017-03-16T20:16:01-0600 lvl=info msg=“Sending notifications for” logger=alerting.notifier ruleId=1 sent count=1
t=2017-03-16T20:16:01-0600 lvl=info msg=Rendering logger=png-renderer path="dashboard-solo/db/alerting-prd-eventos-relevantes?&panelId=1"
t=2017-03-16T20:16:04-0600 lvl=info msg=uploaded logger=alerting.notifier url=
t=2017-03-16T20:16:04-0600 lvl=info msg=“Sending notification” logger=alerting.notifier type=slack id=1 isDefault=false
t=2017-03-16T20:16:04-0600 lvl=info msg=“Executing slack notification” logger=alerting.notifier.slack ruleId=1 notification="Slack zabbix

I think grafana is attaching this “upload” link to slack but slack is not able to see this image through this link because is different from when you are not using webdav protocol(shared link).

Which service can i use through webdav in order that grafana can upload the images and then attach them to slack in order that slack can view this images and attach them.

Example of webdav url and external link from 4shared.

webdav protocol 4 shared:

external link to 4shared: