Angular plugins without transpiling

Hey all,
Been following this sample plugin tutorial and I’m wondering if

writing it in the latest ES6 syntax so I need Babel to transpile that to ES5 JavaScript

is required? Or can I just write in common js without babel, etc?


Yes you can of course write it in ES5 as that is what babel transpiles to. I used to have a ES5 example somewhere but cannot find it.

Perhaps you’d be able to help me reconstruct a base for a few of the files? Just trying to interpret the files in other plugins…

Given all the files are at the same files system level,


module.js should be more or less this?


status.js should be in this format?

	.controller('StatusCtrl', ['$scope', function ($scope) {
	    $ = 'Superhero';



       <h3>Status Control</h3>


Edit : Just found this here for creating directives for future reference :

@torkel Any thoughts?

Just look at the how the ES6 plugins transpile into ES5:

Ah thanks for confirming! I kept moving the code over from the Clock panel until I understood what was going on. I ended up almost exactly the same as you’ve posted. :slight_smile:

I guess I was looking for a way to do this without putting everything through Systemjs, but we made up now and everything appears to be working – thanks!

'use strict';

System.register(['./status'], function (_export, _context) {
  var StatusCtrl;
  return {
    setters: [function (_status) {
      StatusCtrl = _status.StatusCtrl;
    execute: function () {
      _export('PanelCtrl', StatusCtrl);