Any one can explain about what exactly TIME SERIES

Any one can explain about what exactly TIME SERIES

This is a very broad question. Have you tried googling this?

The simple definition is that time series is data observed over time (a sequence of data in chronological order).

Weather measurements are a simple example of time series data - the temperature per day during the last 7 days is a time series or the amount of rainfall per day during the last 7 days is also a time series.

Some Google results (there are lots more):

Hi daniellee,
I have installed Grafana and my data source is elasticsearch.
so how to monitoring CPU and memory utilization by using grafana.
I followed this link

but it showing like this, Pl find out attached snapshot

What you are asking here? Your first question is very different from your second question. Are you asking how to monitor and save in Elasticsearch or how to visualize that in Grafana?

I’m trying to do monitor the infrastructure like cpu and memory, when i import the json format it showing error. look at above snapshot.

both question are different danlellee

Sorry, there was such a jump from “what is time series” to a specific question about Elasticsearch which was confusing for me.

Grafana can’t handle Mixed data sources on dashboard imports so it is difficult to import this dashboard. Are there any other example dashboards that would work for you?

To get this dashboard ready for import I think you will have to download the JSON and edit it for hand. Maybe you can contact the author of the dashboard and ask him to make a version that can be imported.


Check out this

this video will teach you for the good start for the elasticsearch datasource.