Autoscaling Y axis with time units strange step size and labels


we use the graph plugin to display some durations in a stacked bar chart. The durations are Integers in milliseconds.
To create a reasonable information for the viewer, we use the Unit. This works quite well, but the steps and description of the y axis is hard to get used to.

First, why always display 0ms as zero point, when the other steps are larger?
Second, should it not be the same unit for all steps, instead of 0ms, hours, days (see example)
Third, the step size is not really constant, e.g.:

  • 0ms → 6h = 6 hours
  • 6h → 11h = 5 hours
  • 11h → 17h = 6 hours
  • 17h → 22h = 5 hours
  • 22h → 1,2days = 6,8 hours


Is this behaviour intended? I would prefer a more consequent and “stable” y axis, where we would have only one step size (hours, days, milliseconds …) depending on the size.


You can use the short unit if you do not want a dynamic unit scaling,

Thanks for the feedback.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the dynamic unit scaling and find it very useful. But having multiple units in one graph seems a little inconvenient.

Best Regards,