Bars don't appear for just one data series

I have a strange issue with a single dataset on my dashboard, Garbage Collection logs sent from filebeat to logstash to InfluxDB.

When I graph the data I can only make lines and points appear, but no bars. I have other graphs on the same dashboard that bars appear with no issues.

Is there some limit to the number of data points? I’ve tried recreating the panel and graph and still the same issue. Seems to be only with this single influxDB series.

I’ve tried a lot and I’m all out of ideas.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

I’m using grafana 4.2.0 with InfluxDB 1.2.2-1.

Did you figure this out?

There can be a limit on the number of data - if number of data points is more than the number of pixels.

What does your aggregation (sum, avg) look like?

Have you followed the guide for troubleshooting queries?


I am having the same issue.
I can use the bars for all my devices except for one. For this one I can only use line or point.
Very weird.