Best options for multiple users?

We have Grafana monitoring a number of remote sites for heating data.
We are a small installation company and use the facility for in house data analysis.
We have a number of sub contractors that are beta testing sites
We have a number of similar companies that we would like to offer the ‘service’ to.

Looking ahead I’m trying to foresee the best way to set up users and teams.
Basically I would like us to keep control of all sites (administrator) but then give other installers/companies their own dashboard that they can oversee and maintain but other cannot.
There is also a need for end user accounts which I would envisage as only viewer.
The current set up is ONLY users
Can anybody provide me with some pro and cons of using teams ( it may be just the name but I not after a ‘team’ - we dont want user a having access to user b c d etc) and users

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