Bug while changing the mode of the axes

  1. Go to http://play.grafana.org/dashboard/db/1-promcon-dashboard?panelId=1&fullscreen&edit&orgId=1&tab=axes
  2. Click edit
  3. Go to Axes tab
  4. Select mode “Series” from the X-axis column - you can see bars instead of lines in the chart
  5. Select mode “Time” again… Boooooom… I expect to see the lines again but bars with lines…

Confirmed. Not sure if this is a bug really but it is probably unexpected behavior. The draw mode gets changed to bars when switching to “Series” (as lines and points don’t really make sense).

It might be a very easy change, just have to make sure I wouldn’t break anything else.

This if statement only sets the draw mode if the “Value” field for “Series” mode is not set: