Calculated data on dashboard


I have a small IoT project.
My IoT device sends data every 10,20,40 or 50 minutes.
The broker (IoT device) sends the actual timing to the database and Grafana shows it on the dashboard.

I would like to make a panel that is showing the next calculated data send time from the actual timing and current time.

I’ll be happy with the text panel, but all solution is ok.



Hi @antalvincz,

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There is a clock panel, but the options for countdown require setting a specific point in time, which would necessitate updating the reference point at each dashboard refresh.

I do not know if that is possible (it seems rather not).

However, some community plugins may be more advanced counters/clocks and enable this. Alternatively, you could use a text panel in HTML mode with disabled HTML sanitisation.

I hope this helps.