Can I export the aggrevation to a text file (csv, txt ...)

The metrics is generated by aggregation and the display is right. Is it possible to export the aggregation results to a text file in the format of

aggregation time1: value1, value2, value3
aggregation time2: value1, value2, value3

Here is the metrics searching criteria:

I’m not sure if you are asking about the format of the CSV file or if you have not found the Export CSV function?

It is in the context menu for the panel:

You can choose between exporting the series as rows or columns:

What I am looking for are the followings:

  1. How to export the “Aggregated” data, instead of the original data
  2. Can this be done programmatically? The user likes to see the aggregated result in tabulated numbers in addition to the diagram.

The original data is aggregated, you have a sum aggregation in your query. What extra aggregations are you expecting? What is missing from the export to a CSV file?

You could just add a table panel with a similar query to the dashboard to get the numbers in tabular form and then export that to a CSV file.