Can't connect Prometheus data source on local windows 10 PC

Hi, I am new to Grafana and trying to install grafana and prometheus locally on my windows 10 laptop to get some experience.

I have successfully installed prometheus and the windows exported and can see both of them running successfully, the exporter is capturing metrics and I can visualise them in prometheus via the web gui.

I have also successfully installed grafana and can access that successfully, but when I try to add prometheus as a data source using the default URL http://localhost:9090 (This is the default that I don’t seem to be able to change) when I hit save and test to finish the adding of the data source I get the error message validation error, invalid URL.

Has anybody got any guidance on how I solve this please?

Welcome to the :grafana: community @newbie77

could you share the link to the steps you followed to install both Grafana and prometheus?

have you tried to manually type http://localhost:9090 into the field?

Also please:

Grafana version installed:
screenshot of the prometheus configuration in Grafana