Capabilities of Templating Variables


I’d like to grasp how much I can do with templating variables.

I currently have a templating variable $collection of type query, which returns multiple elements. Let’s say that I want to show a series of Singlestat panels for every element in the $collection.

Is this possible? I assume I do a “Repeat Row” on the row containing the series of panels. But how can I access the individual element in each Panel’s Title or Query Expression field? Basically, I want to flatten my information and view it at a glance instead of having to pick the actual element value from the dropdown.

Thanks for any input.

Answering myself: When a Template Variable is specified in the Repeat Row field, accessing the list of values via [[collection]] automatically yields the correct single value for each row.

Hi, I want same functionality and I followed all steps but now when I choose in template “Include all option” or(and) “Multi-value” row divides to quantity of variable values but values becomes N/A. If I remove “Include all option” or(and) “Multi-value” , single value for each instance becomes as it should be (0 or 1). Where is the problem ?

You mean the value of the Panel becomes “N/A”? Usually there is an “!” sign in the top left corner of the panel giving you an error message. Can you paste that error message here?

There is no error massages, as i suppose N/A means no data.