Carriage return / new line in e-mail notifications


I have a few alerts in Grafana, which can send notifications.
In the notification message, I did not find a way to input multi-line text, using \n or <br> or anything else, it always ends up as a one-line text in the e-mail.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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That is true, there is no good way to format this message yet.

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I’d like to add this feature locally (as either during/after field sanitation or before sending a notification I’d replace \r and \n). Could you suggest where it’d be the easiest to do so?

Running into the same issue, and looking for a way out. Would it be worth submitting an issue on this to GitHub? ( is probably a bit too general). Also happy to poke around the code more generally if anyone’s got a pointer on where to look…

I am also facing the same issue. Please advise if there is any fix/work around identified for the same.