Changing metric scale


I’m getting some metric from Cloudwatch, which I want to combine in one graph.
For starters, the ELB has RequestCount and Latency. RequestCount can go in the 10K numbers, latencey is usually below 1. If you put that on the same graph, it’s not usefull : The latency will be a flatliner around 0.

So, I want to change the Latency from seconds to milleseconds : That’s also what the AWS console displays by default.
Is this possible, and if yes, how ? I couldn’t find a setting for this.

Do you know that Grafana has two x-axis? So you could put latency on the right axis and have two different scales.

You can also use log scale to show both small values and large values on the same graph.

Units are defined on the Axes tab:


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