Collectd - ElasticSearch - Grafana

A year down the road from this article by Felix Barnsteiner

do you believe that it would be a good idea to transfer all our collectd data to elasticsearch instead of using graphite, whisper and carbon-cache?

ElasticSearch is new for us and we plan to use it for the logging of our 1000 Linux servers, but we
could also migrate all of our collectd data to ES at the same time.

We tried using Grafana 4.1.3 to query basic metrics stored in ES (lucene syntax) and quickly realized
that it would be a big job (if even possible) to transform all of our Grafana dashboards built using graphite to ElasticSearch.

That is probably why there are no examples of this in the dashboard collection
available on your site.

We are seeking a professional opinion before moving in that direction.


God no! Elasticsearch is not suited for mass metrics. Great for logs & events & rich data.

Hello Torkel,

Thank you for your quick and clear response.

Since ElasticSearch is not a solution, what combination of software would you recommend to cumulate collectd data.

We’ve been using Graphite/Whisper and carbon-cache for a while,
but there might be better solutions available today.

We are open to new solutions since it will in use for a long time going forward.

The servers are at Rhl7 and we exclusively use official repositories like Redhat or EPEL

We would recommend something like Graphite, Prometheus, or InfluxDB for the use case of metrics from 1000 servers.

Grafana works well with many of the most popular time series databases.

GrafanaCloud may also be an option for you. It provides a Graphite compatible data source that’s optimized for Grafana and this use case.