Connecting to AS/400

Hello together,

i’m completly new to the whole monitoring part so sorry for my newbie questions (maybe).

I want to show keyfigures from our AS/400 Database like orders, kind of order, average order value etc. to make a monitoring for our ecommerce team.

My idea is that some plugin connects between the AS/400 and a database like InfluxDB oder Graphite that is working with Grafana. This Plugin has to make querys every x min in the AS/400 to update the db for Grafana.

Do you know a plugin like this? Is my idea wrong? Could you give me hints oder documents i can read to get more infos?

thank you for your help

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No your idea is sound. A metric collector that queries you AS/400 and then write the data to Graphite or InfluxDB is a good approach.

I am not aware of any such tool.

There is a plugin for Nagios but I think you might have to write a collector yourself.

Isn’t this plugin for system stats and not keyfigures?

Yes, exactly. Sorry if I was unclear. It was the only piece of software I could find that was related to monitoring AS400. So I think it would be possible to modify it and send data to InfluxDB or Graphite.