Converting ip2long into IPv4 in labels

Hi there. I’ve searched for this, didn’t find anything so forgive me if this question has been answered, but we store IP addresses in Elasticsearch in Long format. We’re setting up some graphs using Grafana (awesome), but I was wondering if there was a known way to convert/transform IP Address Labels from long format back into IPv4 format using some sort of hidden function.

Thanks in advance


i dont have an idea at the grafana end.

You can use logstash infront of elasticsearch and store the dotted notation in elasticsearch.


There are no functions for this in Grafana. Sounds like you would want to do it as the logstash/collector level like yuva suggests above.

Unfortunately we store in long format to be able to perform other functions
within our system and there’s 4 years worth of data.:grin: Maybe we can write a
custom JavaScript function… thanks for the replies!

Hello from 2021 !

I have exactly the same request ! Is the function available now ? or have you found any solution to display the ipv4 ?

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile: