Customize dashboard with many server

Hello All ^^

I have a dashboard with many server. I can select a server in list server.
But I have a problem:

With server apt001, I need panel “Tomcat Heap” and I want panel “Tomcat Heap” show on this dashboard.

But server web001, I don’t need panel “Tomcat Heap” and I don’t want panel “Tomcat Heap” show on this dashboard.

I can’t customize it, please help me to customize…


I think that is why we have been given the feature of making multiple dashboards.

Create a different dashboard for systems where you want to see TomCat heap, and another dashboard where you dont want to see that.

I don’t think so.
I think we should develop dashboard with exception as I present.
It is very convenient.

Create a new copy of the dashboard if you want to customize.

A templated dashboard can change queries depending on template variable value, but not modify the dashboard layout or hide or show panels

If I build grafana from source, Can I modify panel?

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Sure, it will be quite complicated to implement this dynamic feature.

I think this is a excellent feature :smiley: