Dashboard export then import ignores right yaxis assign

Hello, we use Grafana 4.4.3 and observed following problem:
When I assign a query to right yaxis in graph panel then after exporting and reimporting such a dashboard this change is ignored (the query assigned to right yaxis before dashboard export is assigned to left yaxis after dashboard import).
I have checked the exported dashboard json: the only change is in seriesOverrides section, the alias/query is assigned to yaxis 2, but probably the problem is with the alias/query string in this section because it is exported with particular hostname even if I have templated the hostname with variable $host. So I have tried to change the alias/query string in seriesOverrides section and replaced the particular hostname with host variable ($host, also tried wildcard *) and I have tried to import such manually edited dashboard json, but it did not help. Maybe there is some other trick to persists right yaxis change after dashboard import.
Thanks in advance for help.
Regards, Gabriel.

You cannot assign a query to your axis but only a series name, so if series name change the setting is lost.

You can use display style override and a regex rule to more generally assign many series to right y axis