Dashboard Info for graph view

Hello ,

i had couple of queries ,
1)How can i fix an maximum value in Y axsis in a graph for an dashboard.
Ex : if i want to see the availability of a product it wont be more than 100% i want to fix the value as 100% in y axsis ,i can see the value goes upto to 140% while using the graph dashboard .
2)i want use the bar graph for my dashboard “any suggestion” how to download .



  1. To set a maximum value, you can set it in the “Axes” options. You have a ‘Y-Max’ field that you can set to 100 (you can find these options on the right panel if you are on Grafana 7 or in the panel below the graph otherwise):

  2. You don’t have to download anything to build a bar graph. It’s still the “Graph” visualization type and you have an option under the “Display” options to display it with “bars”:

Do not hesitate to go through the ‘Graph’ panel documentation (Visualizations | Grafana documentation) because there is a lot of options for this panel.