Dashboard - Table - Color of Values

I have the following situation and not found a plug-in or options to be able to do it yet

I have a Table result that is summary data. Not time based, not historical, in the following format

Alert Description 1 Column1, Column 2, Column 3

Metric 1,100,150,90
Metric 2,10,20,90
metric 3, 200,300,900

I know that I can create a Column Style Rule that says if Column 1 > 20 then red ect ect

What I want

When Metric 1 > 100 then red
When Metric 2 > 20 then red
When Metric 3 > 300 then red

How can I accomplish this?

Thank you

With the Column Style rules, you can choose a column and threshold. This depends on the value you have chosen for the Table Transform option though. For the Time Series to columns and Time series aggregations, the column represents a metric and they can use the threshold rules.

Here is an example on the demo site using thresholds.

In the Column Style settings for the example, the Apply to columns named field matches every column but you can specify a specific column if you only want to have the threshold rules applied for one column. If you change it from /.*/ to backend_01 then you can see that only the first column gets the colors applied.

With /.*/:

With backend_01:

Got it so the following is not an option?

It should be possible I think. It looks like you have Table Transform set to Time series aggregations:

Then you can create a Column Style rule for a column (you can have multiple rules so that you can have different thresholds per column):

Then you can specify the thresholds and choose Color Mode set to Cell:

Im actually using a Table but even the below results in ZERO colors in the dataable dashboard. (the below rule should turn something on my dashboard some color)

Correct me if I am wrong (please) but everything appears to be geared toward Column(s) and not ROWS

BTW thank you SO much for replying!!!

It should work here as well. Have you tried changing the Name or regex field to match a column name?

Here is an example using Table Transform set to Table (I’m using a more recent version of Grafana so the fields are named slightly differently):

Hi Daniellee,

I have recently implemented a JMeter dashboard using Grafana. I was able to create threshold values based on columns.
We have multiple requests and each request has a different SLA, I wanted to know if there was a way where I could specify the threshold based on the Request Name(Row) and not just the Column in general.

To be more specific, below is an example Table where I have Threshold on Column “90%” for values higher than 100.

My question is can I specify the threshold with a check on requestName

Eg: If requestName=info then threshold on column 90% as 100,500
If requestName=accounts then threshold on column 90% as 500,1000

Looking forward to your reply

Thanks in advance

@amrishm No, that is not possible unfortunately. Thresholds are per column.

Thanks for the response Daniellee

It’s possíble create rule for string column? Ex. Red for “A”, green for “B”, yellow for “C”


It’s possíble create rule for string column? Ex. Red for “A”, green for “B”, yellow for “C”
…Please advise…

I found your above link related to table and color.

I’m working on a dashboard and would like to change the color of a cell or the text in the cell based upon the result between two cells.

The data comes from an SQL DB and I use the table visualization.
What I would like to do is change the color of the Average text per line when the Average is below the Weight value.

color RED when Average < Weight
color Green when Average => Weight

Does some has a solution for this?