Dashboard templates with jagged edge Graphite queries

Probably a poor description, but here goes:

So I have two Graphite directories:


If I want to make a dashboard with templating, getting myserver and myotherserver to toggle is straightfoward.

What I can’t get to work is having mydomain and aws.mydomain to with templating. I played around with constants/variables, but it seems like each time I either have too many directories or too little directories in my query.

Is there anyway to do this with templating? Or anyway to have a wildcard span Graphite directories?



So then what is in the middle doesn’t matter.


Not possible AFAIK. One option is you can create symlinks to put everything into a consistent tree, but there are some pitfalls there - notably graphite cache lookups won’t match the symlinked metric, only the original, so if you have a busy graphite server you may not see some recent data until it gets flushed to disk.

Thanks! Well at least the symlink gives me a possible out. Our Graphite server isn’t that busy. Maybe a few thousand metrics an hour, but I don’t have exact numbers.

Or I may end up just making two groups of Dashboards. We’ll see what works out.