Dashboard View JSON Blank

I am trying to view the JSON source for my dashboards, but when I click the link, my browser opens a new tab with no content (just loads about:blank). I get the same results on different dashboards across different organizations. I also checked two different browsers.

I am running Grafana v4.4.3 (commit: 54c79c5)

It looks like this is due to a deprecation in Chrome 60.

Read the “Remove content-initiated top frame navigations to data URLs” section near the top.

It sounds like it just needs to load the view JSON in the current window instead of opening externally, but I’m not quite sure how to fix that.

That explains that, but I also am unable to get the JSON to show in IE11.

This is fixed in the master branch and will be released in version 4.4.4 sometime in the next week or so. This fix will also work for IE11.

Thank you for the update on the pending fix.