Dashboards from dashboards.json dir appear twice

I have a Kubernetes setup where I add a few standard dashboards in the dashboards.json directory.

The dashboards appear twice in the list of dashboards on the top, never appear in the ‘recently viewed’ panel in the home dashboard. Also when I am viewing a dashboard and click the ‘other’ one with the same name n the dropdown on the top, nothing happens.

I am assuming that I am doing something wrong, but am a bit at a loss here.

For reference, I am using the helm chart here: https://github.com/kubernetes/charts/tree/master/stable/grafana with docker/grafana:4.4.1

we are deprecating the dashboards.json feature, better to use a tool like wizzy to import them.

dsahboards.json dashboards are loaded directly from disk and have no id, so cannot be starred, nor appear in recent dashboards