Date formating of x-axis field value

I am displaying x-axis value as 201307 201312 201403 …
x-axis values are in series mode.

i want to format date to MM-yyyy (Jul- 2013 Dec-2013 Mar-2014…)

you have a series name that is a date? Graph panel does not have any x-axis formatting options currently

yes… its date having values as number

Thanks Torkel, would love to be able to over-ride the display from American notation MM/DD to the UK format of DD/MM please.

Hello I reoppen this ticket because I have a little bit the same problem.

In my case :

  • submitdate is an american date like 2016-02-16 18:40:49)
  • Q33 : is a KPI (satisfaction for instance)

I would like calculate the average of Q33 by submitdate aggregated like that (mm/yyyy).

I am very close to the solution (my SQL syntax is right, except the format date).

Any Idea ?
Thanks for your feedback,