Demo datasource arrays

Working of this example I have a very simple time series. Here’s the upper_50 target (tuncated to just a few example datapoints)

{"target": "upper_50", "datapoints": [[230.0, 1450754160], [24.0, 1450754220], [4.0, 1450754280], [1.0, 1450754340], [4.0, 1450754400]]},

If I take the first data point [230.0, 1450754160] what does the second value in array represent? It is milliseconds? If not how do I specify a starting point in time for my demo data?

I’m a bit late with the reply here. I guess you have already figured out that the second value is the time field. Anything else you are stuck on?

I’ll update the docs to include this.