Deploy grafana on Azure Server

Any one please suggest how to build grafana Project to deploy on azure server. I am not able to make a build (dist folder) of my project.

azure server? Is that windows or linux? Why do you need a custom build why not download an official download package?

What step in the build guide was problematic?

This is on windows. I want to host grafana to our server (Node Js Server on Azure) to get the endpoint URL. I followed steps of and after this project also built successfully but in that grafana-server.exe file is genertared. I need dist folder for deploying as a node JS server on Azure.
So any idea how will generate that?

What?? Grafana is not a NodeJS app, it requires the binary backend (grafana-server.exe), it contains all the backend components & db access & web server, which are all essential.

So there is any other option for it to host grafana on azure. Basically, now grafana is working on local machine localhost:3000. I need endpoint URL so it can be accessible from anywhere. Means, I need URL,by using that anybody can visualize grafana interface from their device.

Yes of course, any Azure windows vm or Azure linux vm can run Grafana. Or you can use Hosted Grafana ( and get a publicly accesable grafana instance setup in minutes.

Hi @torkel, Can you please provide some insight on this: Create a grafana production build in grafana