Difference between Storage and Persistence?


I have already installed Loki + Promtail and can view logs in Grafana. I would now like to make sure logs are stored aswell. I am looking at the loki helm chart here

Im trying to understand the difference between persistence and storage. What exactly is it ? All I want to do is to store my logs long term in S3 buckets.

Also where can I find a working helm chart config to save logs to S3 ?

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I have the same question, I also want to use helm to configure storing the logs in S3, were you able to find any helpful resources @jeunii1?

“Persistence” in the loki helm charts just refers to the way that data is stored on disk. In the Loki helm chart, Loki is run in a k8s StatefulSet and the URL you’re pointing to inside of values.yaml just controls all the aspects of how the helm chart saves to disk.

I suspect because you’re mentioning S3 though, this isn’t actually what’s interesting to you. Inside of Loki’s config (rather than the helm chart config) you can find options for storage_config which includes use of S3-compatible APIs with boltdb_shipper. Check this page for more details:

It’s important to read the top parts of that page to disentangle what “storage” is from “persistence”. At the helm chart layer, the kind of persistence/storage concerns you’re seeing are not the same thing

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