Display some SVG in HTML in Table Panel

My data source is Zabbix V3.6.1
An item is a text, that contains simple HTML.
When I display this simple html code with the Sainitize HTML option, in a table panel, it works fine.
When I insert SVG tags in my html code to display images, I think that these tags are “cleaned” by the option "Sanitize"
How do I view my code containing my SVG image in a table panel ?
thank you very much in advance

Hi! Can you provide your HTML with SVG? Angular sanitizer may reject some tags, see here for more info.

Thank you for your reply.
I would like to display in a panel table this image, for example.
In zabbix, a php script makes this image by updating the data, and saves it in a text item, in SVG.
Thank you for your help.
My code :


Hi - I have the same need to display an image of any kind (jpg, svg, etc.). Image display works on the text panel but is that possible with the Table Panel in 6.6.0?