Displaying HDD Health-Status String


im pushing the HDD health status if my ESXi HDDs into my InlfuxDB which looks like this:

Now I would like to create a table which displays HDD Name and health status, in a row, but I cant get the table panel to display any data.I have another table named docsis which is working instantly but I cant figure out what is wrong with my health data here. Here is my Metric:



Does the value in the Group by time interval field match the interval in which you write data to InfluxDB? For example, if you write every 10 seconds then the value should be >10s.

Have you seen this guide for troubleshooting graphs? It’s not exactly your problem but seems related.

remove group by time and aggregation function, InfluxDB does not allow aggregation on string fields. change format to Table. specify your string value field.

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THX, that worked, table is working now :slight_smile: