Displaying time stamp in non epoch format in Grafana

How do I display the time stamp field as it is in grafana?

here is my index

“_index” : “bu_compute_summary”,
“_type” : “USERMISSINBP_compute_summary”,
“_id” : “20170725161845436825USERMISSINBP”,
“_score” : 1.0,
“_source” : {
“bu_name” : “USERMISSINBP”,
“disk_with_snaps_gb” : 18665.0,
“timestamp” : “2017-07-21T00:53:14+05:30”,
“total_cpu” : 412.0,
“total_mem_gb” : 1130.711
Query shows timestamp in epoch format ! Need the time in IST

Not sure we have a unit type for this case

Let me make the question more specific …I plot a pie chart from current value available on an index on elastic search… Now I have a need to display (on grafana) what is the time when current value was generated .

Any alternative approaches?

Grafana shows metrics and has tone of different unit formats to display metric values. Sadly a metric value that is a timestamp
cannot be shown as you wish as there is no “pretty date” format for metric values.

can an enhancement requets be raised for pretty time format?