Displaying uncaught .NET exceptions

I’m using Bosun (and its scollector agent) to monitor two .NET applications (an ASP.NET app running under IIS, and a .NET Windows Service).

Collected metrics for the system/OS and .NET/IIS are perfectly visualized in Grafana.

The missing piece of the puzzle is collecting uncaught exceptions (with full stacktrace) from both the .NET apps, storing them in a Grafana-supported service/store, and listing/filtering them in Grafana (similar to the sample screenshot below).

But I can’t find any simple way to do this. If anyone has done exception collection and listing like this in Grafana, then please suggest an approach.

Many thanks!

One way is to use Elasticsearch or any other log-compatible datasource to store your logs/stacktraces. This panel at the bottom is querying a log-index in Elasticsearch in this demo dashboard as an example.

Another alternative if you don’t have a huge amount of logs/stacktraces would be to put them in a relational database like Microsoft SQL Server - This makes it relative easy to write a sql query that produce a table like above. Using Elasticsearch would probably be hard to construct a table with the same columns as above.

Good luck!

Thanks @mefraimsson.

I found the plugins for query-based listing of data from MySQL or MS SQL Server. I’ll give it a try.