Docker Monitoring


We have lots of docker environments where containers and applications are running. As of now, I am using Cadvisor in our test environment to collect the metrics to Prometheus. we are using customized port to collect the data.

But we can’t do the same configuration on our prod and QA environment due to security reasons (exposing metrics to custom port.). To fix this, the docker team is going to expose the metrics to a link and going to set up the same from Prometheus end. Is this config going to work?

job_name: ‘docker’
# metrics_path defaults to ‘/metrics’
# scheme defaults to ‘http’.

-targets: [‘https://<>/promethus/cadvisor’]

working fine on below configuration:

  • targets: [‘’]

Please suggest if there is an alternate way to monitor docker environments. As we are using the On-Prem solution, both of our Prometheus and grafana servers will stay outside of the environment and we want to create a centralized solution for all of these docker environments.