Does grafana support MySQL templating?

I have a IP column in MySQL,and I want to use this column as a templating variable ,this ip column’s values will fill into a list,so each time I click from top left ip list,the dashboard will be changed according to ip; but from


You can use variables in your queries but there are currently no support for defining Query variables that target a MySQL data source.

It seems MySQL couldn’t do this?

It’s not possible right now. The MySQL data source is still in the alpha stage and is not fully functional yet. We will being making more improvements for the next release of Grafana.

Hoping next release coming soon, being most popular opensource database in the world, and being implemented json support in 5.7 and facebook’s MyRocks engine, MySQL should be first class resident in grafana~

Would love to have this feature soon! +1

From the official site it states Grafana will support the templating feature for MySQL in the 5.0.0 release.

I am very happy to hear that!
May I ask when will Grafana have the 5.0.0 release? Thanks.

Looks like we might release an interim 4.5 version which would include this feature. That should happen in a week or two I think.

@daniellee Thanks! :rofl:
I look forward so much to use the templating feature with MySQL datasource!