Does Time Range Pannel was removed in Grafana 6?

I recently try to upgrade grafana from 5.4 to 6, but I found time range selection panel was gone, and only with long list

With Granfan 3-5, I able to pick time by this way

With Grafana 6, I only able to pick time by this way

I thought It was due to my setup problem, but when I goto official demo site, I got same result, I have test this on Win10, Win7, firefox, Google Chrome, Edge browser and still the same,

Is there anyway that I can get the old style back?

Thanks and Regards

In the next release 6.6 it will be back – different than before, but better!

Thanks @ryantxu, wish 6.6 will release soon

In the meantime, if you press “Custom time range” you can set the range like you’re used to (the refresh interval option is now to the right of the :arrows_clockwise: refresh button).