Doubt regarding plugin

i have a doubt on plugin, where i have created my own plugin for a nonomsg so that i can see it in grafana, i used the following steps

npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:create nanomsg
cd nanomsg
yarn install
yarn dev
yarn build
then copied the same folder to /etc/grafana/provisioning/plugin/
and then restarted grafana
the problem is i am not able to see the plugin in grafana  which i have created 
can anyone help me out with the solution for this
thank you

The default location of the plugins is in /var/lib/grafana/plugins/ , just copy your plugin folder into the default folder. then restart grafana

Thank you sir, it worked

i got another problem, where i am displaying battery percentage on terminal with nanomsg module, i created a plugin for nanomsg to send it to grafana, but i am not getting proper result. as i am new to this, where should the message format be written whether in plugin.json file or somewhere else so that whatever i am getting in nanomsg will be in grafana

I suggest you create another thread, because this goes to plugin code, either datasource or panel or application.
In the first message, only mention about the plugins location, not the real code of your plugins.
I’m not coder, BTW, so I can’t help about your plugins code… :slight_smile:

okay sir, thank you for helping