Embedding several panels in a page causes a "Do you want to reload this site?" message


We are integrating several embedded panels, around 9, in a web page and whenever a user tries to “refresh” the top page or click a link you get a “Do you want to reload this site?” popup from the browser:

We tried integrating the iframes inside a very basic HTML page with no Javascript or any special tags, just a body and the embedded iframes and it still happens, meaning the source of the message is from the embedded iframes.

It doesn’t happen when there is a small number of panels embedded, for example, 1-2.

Assuming it may has something to do with the refresh rate of the dashboard and the ajax calls, we’ve tried to raise it to a few minutes, instead of 15 seconds, unfortunately that didn’t help as well.

Does anyone have any idea how we might solve this?


are you using the single panel in iframes? (share panel, then embedd will give you a iframe, is this what your using?)

I’m using a single panel in each Iframe, and embedding around 10 iframes in the same page.


What query string parameters do you have for the iframe url?