Exclude null values from table

My data has tons of null values where no metrics were sent. Because of this, when I create a table, it’s full of meaningless null data for every time interval. Is there a way I can exclude the null values from displaying?

That’s not possible at the moment. But it might be possible to do in query depending on your datasource.

I am using graphite as a datasource. Is it possible to exclude null results in a graphite query?

You could use removeBelowValue(serie, 0)


Stumbled on the same issue. The docs crearly state:
Removes data above the given threshold from the series or list of series provided. Values below this threshold are assigned a value of None

I want to completely remove those values from the result.

Is this possible?

I use removeEmptySeries and it works as expected for me.

I am using InfluxDB as the datasource. From this graph is it possible to remove the blank space from displaying that I have between each data set? I want the data to be continuous for the selected time period by removing the blank space if there is no data in between.


Do you mean you want the graph squashed sideways to take out the blank sections? If so how would you know what the timestamp for a sample was as there would be discontinuities in the x axis?

If there is no data for those time periods, what do you want to be shown where
the blank space is currently?

Or are you trying to make the X-axis discontinuous?


As there is no data between those time periods, i want to remove that space and change x-axis accordingly.


Time axes don’t work that way.


Okay, thanks for the info.
For this graph I switched to lines from points. Now I see the connection between the two last points. If I want to remove only that connection, is it possible with lines?


Try different values of the ‘fill with’ setting. One of those will do what you want. Fill with null I think but not certain.

fill() must be used with a function, without using any function is it possible? If I use function my values will change

Sorry, don’t understand what you mean.
[Edit] Oh yes, I see what you mean, it is part of the Group By settting, so you need to specify max() or mean() or whatever. Sorry, don’t know then, other than inserting a zero value at the start and end of each segment.

Are there null entries in the db or is it just a gap between samples? I suspect it is just a gap between samples, in which case there isn’t anything to exclude. In fact I don’t think you can put nulls into influx.

Hi to all. I’m very interested in this topic.
I’ve written a post on github and hope someone of the dev team can consider it.

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