First row/panel doesn't load until collapse+expand, connection fails

I’m generating my dashboards via json, and things are working well, but I’m seeing a weird issue.
I have a number (~10) of rows/panels (one panel per row) on a dashboard, and, without fail, the first graph doesn’t load until it’s been collapsed and expanded (effectively reloading it.)

I checked the connections in DevTool in Chrome, and this is what I see:

Inspecting the first, red connection yields:

(Some sensitive data redacted.)

If I reduce the number of rows, the problem persists, all the way down to two. One row/panel/graph, and things work as expected.

I run a Prometheus backend, and both Grafana and Prometheus are hosted in separate docker containers. So for the Prometheus-to-Grafana connection, it’s not the browser doing it, it’s the backend. I think the connection failure I see in the browser is between the browser and the Grafana server.

Are there any debug groups that I could enable to investigate this?

Turns out my panel ids were all “1”, they need to be unique. Also fixed my other issue.

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