General Q: Does resolution have affect on instant metrics?


I was looking for information on whether the resolution affects instant metrics, however, I could not find a solid answer, so maybe some grafgurus could help me out.

I did some tests, but did not see any significant difference between 1/1 and 1/10 resolution when using instant metrics

Query example I used:

(sum(elasticsearch_indices_docs) by (instance) - sum(elasticsearch_indices_docs offset 30d) by (instance))

I did some testing and could not develop a 100% definitive answer. However, it seems that no matter what time range I pick(either 7d or 30d), when metrics are instant, no matter what resolution, the results are almost the same:

7d instant 1/10: 1 queries with total query time of 124 ms
7d instant 1/1: 1 queries with total query time of 137 ms