Geomap Panel automatic zoom

Hi there,

On version 9.1.6 the option “Map View → Initial View → Fit to Data” was working perferct to us, so only on dashboard load and not at every variables change.

Since version 9.2 the “Fit to Data” was applied ad every variables change, this in not suitable for some use cases expecially when there are many data points (we limit the data query with a variable), that needs to be view on a very zoomed area or the dashboard won’t load (here the change on 9.2:

My suggestion is to give the option to choose this beaviour in the settings, as some may prefer “Fit to data” at every refresh of data while other only on dashboard load (similar case: geomap zoom should be kept on data refresh · Issue #57853 · grafana/grafana · GitHub)

Thank you