Get AWS Instance Name From Instance ID....How?

I have looked at the demo EC2 dashboard and the way it defines various variables. I also see that if you change the instance-id from the variable dropdown on the dashboard, other variables such as instance-type and EBS-volume change dynamically.

However, instance-name does not change dynamically because the way it is defined ( at least that is what I thought). I changed the query definition of instance-name as follows:
ec2_instance_attribute($region, Tags.Name, {"instance-id": ["$instanceid"]})
I was hoping that this would cause the instance-name to change dynamically when I changed the instance-id from the dropdown. But it does not seem to be working. I don’t think Grafana likes the above expression because it refuses to store this.

Is it possible to do it?

@webtrendinc Did you ever figure this out? I imported an EC2 dashboard (dashboard ID 11265) but of course, it just shows instance IDs. Meaningless unless you have a translated table of instance IDs to instance names in a spreadsheet (or a grafana panel above it with fixed text of ID to name translations). I’m using Grafana 6.6.2. This link did not work for me.