Getting line connected points over a series

Hi all,

I’ve got a dashboard wherein I’ve got a panel which has just one query. My data source is Graphite.


The point of this query is to show the throughput (TPS) for a particular API (apiTest), for a version (2_0) and a release (2_0) wherein the star represents the test number (90,91,92,93…110).

My use case is this. I’m running tests for an API. Each test will produce a throughput. On my graph, I’d like to see the trend of my throughput across the various tests I’ve run. Each test will have a unique test number (like the 90,91,92,93…etc). Hence the above query will show me the TPS for all the tests I’ve run.

Now that you’ve understood the use case, let me tell you the results I’m getting. When I try to show this on a panel, I’m able to get the points for each of the TPS, but I’m not able to get a line to connect them all so it’s easier to visualize the trend.

As you can see, I’ve selected “lines” as well as “points”. But yet only the points appear. The only way I get the line I desire is if I chose the “stack” option. But doing that doesn’t give me the individual results.

Is there a solution to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is a common problem that is easy to solve:


Hi torkel,

Thanks for the reply!

I had a read through your post but it talks about the issue with InfluxDB or ES. I’m using Graphite, how do I disable the null values for this?


transformNull function or change the null value option in display tab

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Thanks for the reply but none seem to be working, torkel.

I added in the transformNull(10) function at the end of my query (so that i’d make every 0 into a 10) and the lines didn’t appear still. Furthermore, I also tricked to change the null value option. I tried all 3 of the options (connected, null, null as zero) but with no success.

that is super strange, not aware of this issue ever happening with graphite (if you change null value mode, or add transformNull function).

Can you investigate the raw data being returned by Graphite?

Thanks torkel, for the prompt responses.

Very strange for me as well. However, I think this might help. Following the guide you linked me to, I was looking into the data being queried from Graphite. The output does have a lot of null values but I’m having a bit of a hard time understanding the output. Perhaps you could tell me?

Also, in my query, I’m using aliasbyNode to just show the test number (500, 502, …) and the api na,me (api1). Also, if it makes a difference, I’m using limit and summarize as well. For reference, my query is this
aliasByNode(limit(summarize(sample.sameplteam.test.api1.version_number.release_number...ResponseTime, ‘30d’, ‘last’, false), 23), 6,3)

And changing null value option to connected in display tab had no effect?

No sir, nothing.

My requirement is similar to the above.
When i use TransformNull(0) i get the graph with lines of 0 and the actual value connected.

Whereas, i require a plot similar to using DISTINCT with influxDB. all points of the metric to be connected

My points for example are
[test.stack.environment.test,product.teststatus.jobnumber] [testduration] [currenttime]
echo "test.stacka.pri.pit.product1.pass.j1 10 date +%s" | nc IP 2003
echo " 7 date +%s" | nc IP 2003
echo " 1 date +%s" | nc IP 2003
echo "test.stacka.pri.pit.product1.pass.j11 3 date +%s" | nc IP 2003
echo "test.stacka.pri.pit.product1.pass.j12 2 date +%s" | nc IP2003

I would like to show a graph on the trend of test duration. No calculation required. Simply the plot of points connected.

When i use metric= test.stacka.pri.pit.product1.pass.* , i get a graph as shown above with distinct point, however, i don’t get a way to connect the points.