Getting started with table panel

I am gathering stats for 96 tape drives on 9 systems.
Do I have to have a separate query for each drive in order to create a separate box on the table panel ?
I have had a hunt around for examples, docs , faqs , but can’t find anything to describe this very basic getting started issue.
I am using influxdb.
The docs for the table panel show an example displaying stats from different servers , which made it an obvious choice , but no help on how to produce such as display.

Do you mean a row or a cell? Not sure what a “box” in a table means.

You should be able to create one query depending on how you saved the database (hopefully all the drive data is saved to the same table). It should just be a simple query selecting a value and grouping by tag.

Hi - thanks for the response. If you look at the install of the table panel , the screenshot shows a separate box in a separate colour for different servers

so the ‘servers status dashboard’ shows many separate boxes.

You mean cells with a background color? (Sorry, just not getting what you mean by box)

Like this:

yes ‘cell’ :frowning: ,

so , do I need a separate query for each tape drive in order to obtain and display a separate cell (with appropriate background colour according to whatever status I choose )


Aha, you do not mean the table panel. That was very confusing. You meant panel when you said box.

The vonage status panel is an external plugin. And yes, you need to create multiple panels with their own queries to get a dashboard that looks the same as in the plugin docs.

You can use the repeating panel functionality and template variables to create the panels automatically (one per server):

You would create a template variable with a list of servers (make sure it is multi-value):

Then use the template variable in the Repeat Panel field in the Templating section on the General tab:

And use the template variable in the where clause of the query:


Finally use the template variable in the Name field on the Options tab: