Getting values and running totals

how do you handle “gaps” in the records when counting totals
I want to keep a record of the number of issues that change to a status in a day (a->b) so a-- and b++
so at the end of the day I will have x that have moved from a to b
what I also want to do is to have a total of a and b at the end of the day
so if at the start of the day, a is 10, b is 20 and we have 5 move from a to b, the values would be a-5, b+5, aTotal = 5, bTotal is 25
but let’s say that there is no change for a week
do you store the intermediate values , or get them from the last “active” record ?
the issue I’m facing is that we may have 30 status codes, and 50 programmers in 100 projects

so potentially 300,000 values per day if I have to store all the 0’s

how can I get around this ? Can grafana calculate running totals for me ? And if so, how do you tell it where to start counting from ? (Let’s say I want a report to start on 1/1/2017 but the last update was 30/11/2016

Depends on what time series database you use and it’s query features.

we are using Influxdb

Not sure it can do the calculations your looking for. But checkout it’s docs