Global configuration file for many plugins

I’m using Ansible for deploying my “influx/telegraf/grafana+plugins” system.
With Ansible I edit config.ini file and setting grafana for a particular environment.
I need to do same thing for each plugin.

It would be nice to set some param globally (maybe in grafana config.ini ?). In this way I can avoid to repeat the same param in every plugin config file.

Could you suggest me some correct way to do that?
Thanks so much.

What are you changing in the plugin config files? Seems unusual to have to change anything in the plugin config.

Hi daniellee!

In every plugins, in editor tab, users can choice an address from a short list:
1 -
2 -
3 - …

I need to populate that list in deploying phase, with Ansible

Are these your own custom plugins? Usually, plugin settings are saved in the dashboard JSON.

Hi, sorry for delay.
Yes, these are my own plugins.

I can not save this particular settings in JSON because dashboards do not exist yet.
I want to clone many different plugins from git on a machine with a same setting.

I can change each config file:

In plugin1_config_file: addresses: [“”, “”, …]
In plugin2_config_file: addresses: [“”, “”, …]

In pluginN_config_file: addresses: [“”, “”, …]

But it’s a bit redundant.

Can I store this addresses list globally and read it in each plugin?


Neither templating at the plugin level or global template variables are supported. There is a feature request for global variables:

We had a similar situation with the worldPing plugin where we needed a dynamic list of cities. The solution was to make an api call to a very simple json api on an external server and fetch the list.

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