Grafana Dashboard Audits

Hi Team,

Do we have any feature for auditing the Grafana Dashboard while we Insert/Update/Delete any dashboard?

Currently we are tracking it by using Triggers on Dashboard table and tracking it into other audit table. By using this approach we are able to track Insert/Update but in the delete process, we are unable to track who deleted the dashboard. Because in the delete Operation we are deleting the Entire row and who deleted the dashboard is not available.

To fulfill this we have an approach Before deleting the dashboard if we update who deleted the dashboard in updatedBy column then it will be good to track who deleted the dashboard. Below is the screenshot where we need to add an additional query to update dashboard table with who deleted the dashboard.

If we implement this we can completely audit who Inserted/Updated/Deleted the dashboard, and the complete history of the dashboard is also available on the Audit table and it would help admin’s very much.

Currently we are planning to implement this approach and send a Pull request to Grafana, Because it would be great if it is available in the Grafana GitHub repository, then it will reduce our manual work while we merging the code with the new version.

Could you please suggest us is there any other approach to fulfill this or any future implementations on auditing.

Venkat Garlapati


Soon there will be a dashboard history feature where you can restore previous versions and compare versions


Most expected feature. Which release we can expect this…?

hopefully in v4.4 released in june or july

Hi Torkel,

is there any why to get to know, who modified the graph, and time of modification.

i mean if we get the audit functionality in grafana?

What are the feature are we getting as part of auditing in v4.4 release.

it’s in master & nightly builds:

weill be in 4.4 release (released in 2-3 weeks)

Hi @torkel!
Does it covers the case when a dashboard was deleted? For example, you need to investigate who has deleted the dashboard.

We’ve same situation? Is it possible to have audit of Deleted Dashboards?